Capital Containers Ltd

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Capital Containers excels in offering both new and pre-owned steel shipping containers for purchase and rental. Beyond their core service, they specialize in transforming these containers into a wide array of customized solutions to meet diverse requirements. The company takes great pride in maintaining a reputation for integrity and consistently delivers exceptional products at unbeatable prices, setting them apart from their competitors.

Furthermore, boasting over two decades of expertise in the self-storage sector, we operate multiple facilities in Kent and Essex. This extensive experience equips us with a profound understanding of the demand for premium-quality boxes, competitive pricing, and nationwide depot coverage. Our track record includes assisting numerous self-storage startups by offering practical assistance and valuable advice. Leveraging our firsthand knowledge, we are adept at foreseeing potential challenges and guiding startups to circumvent them effectively.

Our Commitment:
Our company's mission extends beyond simply selling containers; we strive to supply the most suitable product for your specific needs. To achieve this, we take the time to understand the intended use of the container, providing expert guidance and the most appropriate solution. Our dedicated and hard-working team is trained to deliver your container with both expertise and efficiency.
We are committed to maintaining highly competitive prices without compromising on quality. Our focus is on consistently exceeding expectations and providing the highest standards in the container industry. We aim to consistently deliver on agreed timelines and surpass every client's expectations in terms of quality and professionalism.